What to wear for your corporate headshot photo shoot: A mini style guide

Although the thought of visiting a professional photographer to have your headshot taken can seem pretty daunting, it’s actually a really fun and enjoyable experience. Even the most nervous and apprehensive of our clients have turned around after the shoot and said they enjoyed it that much that they didn’t want their session to end! But one of the biggest worries for our clients, and the question we are asked the most when it comes to our corporate headshot shoots is ‘What should I wear?’ Here are our helpful guidelines to help you to decide.

Firstly, think of your message
So, to determine your perfect outfit, you firstly need to think of the nature of your business and what sort of message you’d like to convey. For example, if you’re a lawyer, you wouldn’t really want to be photographed in casual leisure wear that you’d wear over the weekend or to the gym. Instead, you’d want to show a strong, powerful image that looks professional and instils trust from potential clients, so opting for a smart suit or stylish shirt and trouser combination would be a much better look. If you were an author, you might want to go a little more casual with a smart jersey and pressed jeans, whereas a personal trainer would look great in their training gear. Your photograph needs to tell a story about yourself and your profession, so think of how you’d like to be portrayed within your business, then dress accordingly.

Fitted or loose?
The next thing you need to think about is the fit of your clothing – clothes should be fitted but not tight, and comfortable for you to wear. When we wear something that we feel uncomfortable in or something that is too tight, we hold our bodies differently and it’s really clear to see the strain on-camera. So opt for well-fitting clothes that make you not only look great, but feel great too. It’s important that you feel at home in what you’re wearing as it gives both an inner and outer confidence that shines through.

Patterns and prints
We tell our clients to avoid heavily patterned clothing and logos at all costs. Patterns can look extremely loud in headshot photographs and really draw the eye. Logos look unsightly and detract the attention away from the main subject – you!

Think carefully about the colours that you choose and pick tones that suit your own colouring. For example, greens, teals and deep purples look great on people with a light to medium skin tone and dark hair, whereas pastel colours look great on blondes with lighter skin tones. For people with darker skin tones, khakis, whites, reds and pinks will look amazing. Black and white is always a classic combination if you aren’t a fan of too much colour in your look.

Accessorising your outfit can make a plain clothing combination really pop. Think jewellery and statement pieces – even a scarf, but keep them relevant to your profession. Jackets and cardigans can also be great accessories and layering your look can add a fresh new perspective and shape to your body.

Your hair should be smartly styled and groomed for the best results with your headshot. Think of your clothing, hair and makeup as a full package – everything needs to be carefully put together and thought out to create a winning final look. Adding volume to hair for both men and women can slim the face down dramatically, so experiment with different styles and find one that you feel the most comfortable in, and that represents you honestly.

Makeup for headshots should be more on the natural side. Glamorous evening makeup is best saved for nights out and fashion shoots, so try to keep your makeup beautifully polished, natural and gorgeous. Try not to use any products that cause flashback (a white cast over the face once a flash is used) and steer away from shimmers and glitters. We offer makeup artistry along with our headshot shoots so that our ladies (and gents too!) can have a pamper beforehand and have their makeup applied professionally, safe in the knowledge that their look will photograph beautifully.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our mini clothing and styling guide! For more information about our Corporate Headshots and Personal Branding, please click here. Alternatively, you can call Sue at the studio on 0122 671 8329.

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