Five reasons why you really need a professional corporate headshot

Over the years the way that we market our businesses has changed dramatically. Not only are businesses now expected to have multiple, professional online profiles, but the actual business owners are also expected to be at the forefront. Gone are the days when a brand name would suffice – today it’s all about selling yourself as well as your business. With that in mind, we wanted to tell you our five reasons why you really need a professional corporate headshot.

1. To build trust
People buy people first, so if you come across as approachable, relatable and professional, potential clients are more likely to trust you as well as put faith into your brand too. People love to see the face behind the company and know who is accountable for the way the business is run. So put your best face forward and see the dramatic change a professional headshot can make to your business.

2. It looks professional
Potential clients will likely choose the company that has a professional edge, so making sure your website and social platforms look slick is an important factor in winning business. For example, if you yourself were looking for a new accountant company for your own business and came across their staff profiles over on LinkedIn, you’d probably be hoping to see people that look professional, sensible and capable. It would no doubt highly put you off if their profile image was of them sat around a table out drinking, or planking across a supermarket display. An image speaks absolute volumes, and it only takes one tenth of a second for people to form an opinion and make their own assumption of what a person is like. By all means, you’d expect laid back, casual and fun photographs on a personal profile, but for business accounts, images should be brand-aware and completely professional at all times.

3. It sets out your business message on a subconscious level
Headshots come in many different forms and each convey their own different messages. It’s not just about a simple headshot, but about personal branding too. For example, an accident and injury lawyer will want to come across as strong, powerful and capable, so their headshot would usually involve a power pose, pristine grooming and a very smart suit to convey that message. A message of strength which would cause an underlying thought of ‘I can trust this person to help me.’ Whereas a fashion designer that is in a more creative field would more than likely wear a stylish, fashion-forward outfit and be photographed with a smile which would show their creative side as well as a friendly edge which makes them look approachable, relatable and confident in their craft.

4. Professional headshots make you stand out
Many people opt to show quick smartphone images of themselves on their profiles that really lack in quality and that professional edge. There’s an obvious difference between a quick iPhone grab shot, and a carefully posed and lit headshot. Having a professional business headshot not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but they also show your potential customers that you are serious about your business, and that you are willing to invest the time and money into your professional image.

5. It keeps your business relevant 
In the ever-evolving social media led world that we live in, being relevant is something that is highly important. People want to see up-to-date, honest representations of the people and businesses that they’re working with, so keeping your headshot up to date is highly important.

We hope that you enjoyed our post and that it was helpful – please do feel free to share it with your colleagues that may be looking to update their corporate headshots in the near future.

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