Six reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day

Hi everybody, Rachael here! The resident makeup artist at Divers Photography. Now, I’m not a seasoned professional photographer, but I’ve been brought up in the photography business that my Dad owns and runs. Yes, that’s him, the infamous John Divers – the Master of Light (that’s not even a joke, he’s a lighting Jedi), the award winning and the internationally recognised professional photographer.

Growing up in the industry, I’ve learned a good thing or two on exactly why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day, so today, I’m going to share six reasons why with you.

Wedding days are one of the most important days of your life, so it makes sense to hire a professional photographer to capture those beautiful moments shared between the bride and groom, the bridal party and the rest of  the guests, right? Today, many brides today opt to assign a family member to capture a few shots of the service, and sure, they’ll have a fair few memories of the day that way, but they won’t be the same quality as what a professional with years of experience will be able to produce for them.

Matt and Lauren’s beautiful wedding that we photographed in Lake Como, Italy | Six reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day

If we had £1 for each regretful bride that we came across in our business who wished they’d hired a professional instead of relying on their uncle or brothers’ friends’ sister or some other family member, we’d be on our private jet on the way to the Seychelles right now. In over 23 years, we’ve had many a distraught bride turning up in tears asking us to help them to salvage their wedding photographs, and sadly at times, it’s just not possible. As a team of people that truly care about what we do and the impact that we have, it breaks our hearts to see people so distressed over what should be beautiful memories of a fairytale day. So with that in mind, lets get onto my points…

1. Beautiful memories
Okay, so Uncle Albert has a new digital camera and is more than capable of snapping a few pretty shots without his finger in the way of the lens, but what uncle Albert doesn’t have is the knowledge on how to set the ISO, to predict the correct settings in case the rainclouds decide to descend at the last minute and the ability to pose group shots like a pro without chopping off auntie Carol’s head who is a good five feet taller than the groom. Can uncle Albert drape your dress beautifully and position your shoes just right to show off that beautiful lace detail just capturing that shaft of light from the window? What you can expect from a professional are perfectly posed group shots, candid intimate moments and beautifully crisp, clear images that really tell a story. Sure, your family member might have a great eye for lining up the shot and grabbing a special moment, but do you really want to leave that to chance on your wedding day?

Donna and Anthony’s Wedding we photographed at Tankersley Manor | Six reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day | Divers Photography

2. Multiple team members
Most wedding photographers today attend weddings with another photographer and assistants too. An entourage, if you will. As clever as modern technology is these days, unfortunately you can’t split a person and camera in two to be in two different places at different times to grab those memorable shots. The bride’s getting ready at the venue, and the groom is getting ready at home with his groomsmen, who’s Uncle Albert going be shooting? Probably the boys. What a missed opportunity to photograph the brides beautiful shoes, bridal underwear and stunning wedding dress just ready to slip into. Who’s going to get the emotional shot of the mother of the bride fastening her daughter’s necklace or capture dad’s single tear of pride as he sees his beautiful daughter walking down the stairs to greet him looking like the absolute princess he’s always treated her like? The facts are, if you don’t have cameras based at both places at the same time, you’re undoubtedly going to miss some of the most treasured moments of your entire life. Do you want to risk that?

3. Insurance and re-assurance
Insurance is SO important! Not that it’s likely that a professional will really mess up your big day and somehow create disastrous images, but it’s much better to have that halo of insurance hanging over your head rather than a cloud of bitter regret. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and one time you really don’t want to be feeling sorry is when you’re stood there at the church doors silently cursing Uncle Albert who was assigned to his photographer’s job but is stuck home in bed with the flu. Play. It. Safe.

Alison and John’s wedding that we photographed at Pot House Hamlet | Six reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day | Divers Photography

4. Quality and professionalism
A true professional will make your wedding day photography a breeze. They’ll blend in with the guests yet capture the memories that you don’t want to forget, and they’ll even manage to get cousin Brian out of the bar and away from his fifth pint of the day to participate in the group shot on the lawn. Not an easy task, let me tell you. And the best thing? You’ll hardly even notice that they’re there. Consider them the digital ninjas, unseen but stealthy as heck snapping those candid moments without you even realising. What’s more, they’ll help you design your perfect wedding album or pick a stunning wall portrait afterwards that will stand the test of time and still look beautiful years down the line.

5. Qualifications and Memberships of regulatory bodies
Your pro photographer will also be well trained and desirably, a member of the MPA (Master Photographers Association). Qualifications are important, they show that your pro has been trained in the technicalities, and if they take regular re-training too, then that’s a huge bonus. I’ve lost count of how many hours John (my dad), our award winning photographer, spends in the studio weekly learning new techniques, attending workshops and doing a heck of a lot of reading to keep on top of new innovations and trends. It’s an evolving industry and one where ignorance is certainly not bliss.

Andrea and Pete’s vintage wedding that we photographed at The Grove | Six reasons why you should hire a professional photographer for your wedding day

6. Informed choices
Now we’re on to my serious point so I’m going to adopt a more serious tone. Ahem. A truly professional photographer will ensure that you know the ins and outs of the products that are available to you to purchase. For example, did you know that there’s something called ‘Data Rot’ that can corrupt digital files for good? (More about Data Rot can be found here) That means that your wedding images that have been supplied to you on only a disc (referred to as a ‘dump and run’ in the industry) can have a very short shelf life indeed. This is something that you should be made aware of when choosing how to purchase your wedding photography packages, and the reason why we encourage all of our clients to choose an album or memory box for their wedding images. Restoring a physical photograph is possible, recovering a file that’s become victim to Data Rot, sadly, is not.

Wedding photography is such a precious task to be entrusted with, so please do be careful about who you choose to hire to capture the most special day of your life. Don’t jeopardise your memories for anybody.

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