Print your images or risk losing them forever to Data Rot

An old school play

All too often we hear the horror stories from our clients that their treasured images of family and friends have been lost. Digital files are not a safe way to save images and as we all know too well, sometimes there are technical glitches that send our images sailing away from us never to be returned.

Print your images or risk losing them forever to Data Rot
The latest research has shown that digitising our data may actually not be the best solution as we once used to think. As an article over on PetaPixel explains, “Backing up photos on multiple drives and discs may be a good option for the short term, but these digital storage methods all suffer from the same flaw in the long run: the gradual decay of data over many years — something known as data rot.” We are, it seems, heading into what has been labelled as the digital dark age. But what can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to your treasured memories?

We urge all of our clients and friends to print out their beloved photographs on materials that will stand the test of time – as we always say, we can make a copy of a printed photograph, but with a corrupted digital file, unfortunately there isn’t much that we can do. Even if you don’t have the space to display each of your beautiful images, we offer storage solutions in the form of our stunning memory boxes which can be safely slotted onto a bookshelf or laid out on a coffee table as a stylish centrepiece.

We strongly believe that our families deserve to have the gift of photography – after all, when we are no longer here to share our memories by word, a photograph can tell a thousand stories and keep our precious moments alive. We can’t tell you how precious our personal family photographs are to us – they can make us laugh, make us cry, help us to remember what was once forgotten, and make our heart sing with happiness once again to see the people that we love so dearly who cannot be here anymore smiling back at us in the palm of our hand. To us, photography is priceless.

We wanted to share a few images with you that were passed down from our family – some dating back from the 1800’s. From a very vintage wedding to a family outing by horse and carriage, these are our precious memories that we will be able to pass down for years to come. Ensure you can do the same by having your images professionally printed. Keep your special moments alive forever and give your family the gift of memories.

Please note: All images displayed on this post are copyright to Divers Photography and may not be copied or reproduced in any way.

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