How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips

Luxury makeover portrait shoots are the perfect way to not only boost your confidence, but also give you some of the most beautiful images of yourself that you’ll ever have taken. But how do you prepare for your makeover shoot to ensure that you get the best out of it? Here’s our handy guide on our top tips to help you breeze through.

How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips | Divers Photography

1. Bring a variety of appropriate clothing
By appropriate clothing we mean clothing that fits. When we photograph women, our aim is to show your beautiful curves so your clothing must be fitted. Baggy clothing is not flattering on camera and won’t compliment your beautiful figure to its best. You should also ensure that all clothing is clean, freshly ironed and free from those little details that ruin a shot like dog hairs, bobbles and pieces of fluff. Of course, lint rollers will be on hand for any pesky strays you might have missed. We ask our clients to bring a variety of clothing from casual outfits to their best little black dress and killer heels. A variety of clothing not only inspires us and allows us to create more beautiful images for you, but it also gives you more choice when choosing which images you’d like to purchase too.

2. Wear loose clothing to travel to the studio in on the day
Do you know what’s worse than lots of little sock lines on your ankles in your gorgeous midi-dress shot? Deep bra-strap welts on your shoulders in your strapless top! We ask our clients to travel to us in comfortable, loose clothing to minimise lines on the body once shooting. What’s more, you’ll be cosy and snug while you’re in hair and makeup before changing into your statement pieces.

How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips | Divers Photography

3. Make sure your nails and toes are manicured
Beautifully manicured nails and toenails are a must on any feminine portrait shoot. Whether you opt for a summery bright, on-trend nude or simply a french polish, how your nails look in your images can be a real make or break. These shoots are all about luxury and style, and the little details make the biggest difference.

4. Arrive with clean, dry hair and a makeup-free face
Arriving makeup free allows our makeup artist to take a look at your skin in its natural state and cuts down the chance of irritating your face with makeup removers before re-applying your makeup once again. It also slices the time on the day and ensures that our focus is on making you look beautiful and photographing you, rather than spending your pamper time clearing old makeup away. Hair must also be clean and dry for our stylist to be able to work with it on the day.

How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips | Divers Photography

5. Leave out the fake tan or sunbeds
Fake tan can look horrendous on a professional photo shoot and any streaking or patches are not only hard to cover on the day, but also take a lot of time to correct by digital retouching. Sunbeds cause deep red tones under the skin that the camera will pick up much easily than the naked eye and looks extremely unflattering.

6. Make sure all waxing or shaving is completed at least 24 hours before your shoot
Shaving and waxing can leave behind redness or bumps on the skin, so completing these beauty processes early gives your skin the time to settle back down and have it looking amazing again for your shoot. For example, having a brow wax on the morning of your shoot is a no no – applying makeup to freshly waxed skin is a recipe for breakouts as it clogs the opened pores, so try to shave or wax 24 hours beforehand for the best results.

How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips | Divers Photography

7. Make sure to get your beauty sleep
The term ‘beauty sleep’ isn’t just a phrase – our skin actually repairs itself and regenerates during sleep. Sleeping also increases melatonin which acts as an antioxidant to fight age spots and fine lines. Getting plenty of sleep helps us to look fresher and gives our skin the resting time it needs to regenerate, so make sure to get some good, quality sleep in before your makeover shoot to leave you feeling energised and your skin looking refreshed.

8. Try not to let your nerves get the better of you
We know it might feel scary arriving at a studio on your own for your photo shoot, but we promise that you’ll feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. We specialise in portrait photography and have spent over 20 years working with women to make them both look and feel amazing. We know that you might be nervous, but try to turn those nerves into excitement because you’re going to have a wonderful time and have some absolutely stunning images to look back on. What’s more, you’re going to feel absolutely beautiful too.

How to prepare for your Luxury Makeover Portrait Shoot: Our top tips | Divers Photography

Photographing and empowering women is our biggest passion and we want you to get the very best out of your shoot and have the most amazing experience possible. Our Luxury Makeover Portrait shoots are amazing gift to give to yourself or somebody that you love. For more information, click the link here to visit our makeovers page, or call Sue at the studio on 0122 671 8329.

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