Business coaching with Action Coach

Today’s Business Coaching with Action Coach was a well attended event in the heart of Leeds. Guests including Marcelino Castrillo were present to attend the “Business Growth Enabler” at Whitehall Quays which was organised by NatWest Bank.

Alistair Harnby and Chris Fordy were great speakers at the business coaching event delivering their “6 steps to massive results”. They both gave their expert advice on how to grow your business to an ambitious group of people wanting to move forward in both their business and personal lives. Chris and Alistair’s mission is to help anyone that they can, in any way that they can.  Their presentation delivered their message with a detailed and humorous talk on how to make your business work for you.

Blog-Aug-2016 | Business coaching with Action Coach

Business coaching with Action Coach

Part of their mission statement and ultimate goal is to enrich the lives of one million people within five years, and one million people every year within 10 years.  These people include their clients, themselves, and those who need it globally via their acts of giving. There is no doubt that Alistair and Chris are totally focused on their goals and are committed to doing the same for you. They were very inspiring and entertaining to listen to and we both enjoyed the photography aspect and learning from them too during our time at the event.

The organisers of the event – Tony Wales, Lorna Blackett and the team from NatWest, provided everyone with an enjoyable and educational business meeting. It was clear to see that they are truly a team who care about the success of individual businesses and understand that we can all reach our goals by working together.

Click this link to see all of the photographs taken at the business coaching event!

If you want to download all the images from the shoot please email me for a link 

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