An open letter to the woman that doesn’t think she is worthy

To the woman that doesn’t think she is worthy…

We can see the love behind your eyes that tell the story of your life through the clicking of our lens. We can see the knowing look that tells us the road you’ve been along, the person that you are and the soul that you have. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this we know to be true. We aren’t just photographers, we are your biggest admirers. Enablers to help you to feel empowered, powerful and wonderful in your own skin. We want to show you just how cherished, special and important you are by the art of photography. We love women, but what we love the most is making women feel loved and helping them to capture that inner confidence that threatens to surface but is dampened down like a rainstorm by the clouds of self-doubt.

We know that you don’t always find the courage to believe in yourself, to love yourself so fiercely that nobody could break down your walls and let you feel inferior. We know this because we too have the same struggle from time to time. And that’s okay. We know too that sometimes life can be hard. It’s all too easy to neglect yourself in favour of taking care of those that you love. You do it because you love. Because you are love personified. A mother, a lover, a daughter, a friend. Sometimes it’s hard wearing so many hats but you do it non-the-less simply because of that all-encompassing four letter word. Love.

We wanted to write a letter to let you know that we know exactly how you feel. We know that you feel guilty taking time to cherish yourself. We know that you’re time conscious as you sit upon our makeup chair worrying about dashing home to cook dinner, or the hundred and one other chores that fill your mind. We know you’re worrying about your body, your smile, your stature before you step out in front of the camera. But we’d like to ask you to just be in the moment. Simply be. Because for us, the vulnerability in your gaze is what makes you all the more endearing. Your flaws are what make you unique, and your uniqueness is what makes you human.

We want you to know that you will never experience anything quite like allowing yourself the opportunity to capture your beautiful memories to treasure forever. The experience of starring in your own photo shoot, feeling special, adored and having fun. We want you to know that it’s okay to take time out to relax, to nourish your soul and indulge in the magnificent thing that is you. We want you to know that you should celebrate yourself just because – you don’t need a reason to feel worthy.

But most of all we want you to know that in time, the ones that you dearly love will cherish those moments captured as they hold them in their hands. And in that moment they will remember your beauty, your kind smile, and your bared soul. They remember how you were, they will hear your laughter and they will remember how you once loved them so passionately. But most of all, they will remember you.

Everything has beauty, but not everybody sees it. Allow us to open your eyes and show you just how beautiful you are.

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