Teenage Makeover Portrait Shoots

Teenagers can be funny little things. One minute they can be sweetness and light, and the next it feels like you’re re-living the Terrible Twos all over again with temper tantrums and plenty of demands. But something that will never change is the absolute love that you feel for your teenage son or daughter, and the pride you feel as you see them making the transition from teenager to young adult.

We understand that being a teenager can be a difficult time because we’ve all been there before. We understand it’s a time for finding your identity and learning about the person that you’re going to be in life. Most of all, we understand that every teenager is completely different.

We think those teenage years are so precious and that they should be celebrated in such a way that you’ll always have beautiful memories and keepsakes to look back on. Little memories to hold in your hands that provoke you to recollect a certain thing they said or did, and that draw a smile to your face or even a happy tear. We believe that people should exist in portraits, because to exist in a portrait means existing forever.

One of our stunning teenage makeover portrait shoot clients, Eve | Teenage Makeover Portrait Shoots | Divers Photography

Our beautiful teenagers that visit us at the studio all have their own story to tell, and all have their own very different personalities, and we embrace that individuality with open arms. As photographers, our job is not only to capture memories, but to make people look and feel good. We want our teenage guests to feel self-assured and free enough to be themselves. But most of all, we want them to feel absolutely amazing in their own skin and see just how beautiful they really are.

So embrace those years that pass by all too quickly and capture your beautiful teen in a memory that will last a lifetime.

For more information on our teenage makeover portrait shoots, please email us at info@johndivers.co.uk or call Sue at the studio on 0122 671 3829.



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