In celebration of World Poetry Day

With yesterday bringing in the Vernal Equinox (the first day of Spring) and kicking off a new season once again, we feel so excited for fresh beginnings and new things to come! In celebration of World Poetry Day today, what better way to celebrate both the new season and poetry than with a beautiful photograph of baby Ivy – one of our gorgeous little visitors, and a poem!


Hello Spring…

“A sense of change fills the room and the daffodils start to show,
The cherry blossom flourishes, it’s cotton candy buds begin to grow.
A sign of fresh beginnings, butterflies fill the fragrant air,
The warm sun streaks through the meadow, baby lambs frolic without a care.
Hazy spring evenings follow, with a promise of summer yet to come,
Our days spent with the precious ones we love, living life and having fun.
Make memories last a lifetime, hold them forever in your heart,
Life is all too uncertain and we never know when we may part…”


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