Just recently we had the pleasure of working on location. It was a beautiful family photo shoot in North Yorkshire. Tasneem and Simon asked us to come along to photograph them and their gorgeous children; Zak, Zahra and Zavier.

We travelled to North Yorkshire to photograph the family at their lovely home and beautiful grounds. The children were very relaxed and Zavier couldn’t wait to proudly share with us his collection of cars as soon as we arrived! Throughout the photo shoot the children were amazing, and mum and dad were well behaved too! Sue & I had great fun as we captured some beautiful photographs of them all.

Beautiful Family Photo Shoot in North Yorkshire | John Divers

We had such a lovely morning photographing this happy, energetic family! Their images make a gorgeous collection of memories.

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Today we had the pleasure of welcoming one of our friends and past client into our studio. We were looking so forward to seeing David, we first met him many years ago as a business contact, and have since photographed both him and his lovely family on a couple of occasions. Today though, David was coming to have his photographs taken for visual branding for his business.

We were so excited for David to see our beautiful studio – a lot has changed since we saw him last and we couldn’t wait for him to see our gorgeous, purpose built space! We were even more thrilled when he pulled up at the studio and realised his lovely Mum had also come along to surprise us! She’s such a wonderful lady and we were so, so happy to see her once again.

Personal branding, studio portrait

Corporate Headshots and Visual Branding Shoot with David | John Divers Photography

We laid out some lovely pastries ready for the occasion (a treat we like to put on for our breakfast shoot clients!) and had fresh coffee brewing whilst we sat and reminisced about old times before getting underway with our shoot.

We had such a good morning with David and his mum that was full of laughs and great conversation.  We can’t wait for David to see the rest of his professional headshots, we think he looks great!

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Just recently we had the pleasure of shooting a gorgeous family portrait session with the Kyles. Jo and her lovely family live over in Barlby, so we made the trip over one sunny day and went into the woodland just by Jo’s home to capture some beautiful images. Jo has a very special four-legged furry member of her family that she really wanted us to capture some gorgeous memories of…Ruby the Labrador! We were thrilled to meet gorgeous Ruby! As a family of dog lovers and dog owners ourselves, we understand the importance of capturing wonderful memories of our fur babies to treasure forever. We also know that animals aren’t just pets, but part of the family too.

As you can see from the photograph, Ruby was so well-behaved on her photo shoot and took it all in her stride with her loyal companions right by her side. She’s such a beautiful dog with the most lovely nature, and she was an absolute pleasure to photograph, as of course, were the rest of the lovely family too.

Our shoot fell on a very hot day, so what better way to cool down after the session than a delicious doggie ice cream treat for Ruby? Well done Ruby, you were an absolute star and we’re so pleased that you and your family love your beautiful images.

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Over the years we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working for some amazingly wonderful people. From boudoir shoots and corporate headshots right through to family portrait sessions and newborn photography.

We wanted to ask all of our lovely clients from the past if they would mind taking a few moments out of their day to leave us a review about their experience at Divers Photography which will feature on our newly designed website coming soon.

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Calling all past clients! We’d love to hear from you about your experience with Divers Photography!

We’d love to see a picture of your photographs in your home, and even yourself by the side of them too! We welcome your lovely comments and review of your experience with the Divers Photography team.

All reviews and images can be sent to John at info@johndivers.co.uk. We’d also love to hear from you on our Facebook business page which you can find by clicking here. By leaving us your positive review over on Facebook, you help our potential clients to build trust in us and support our excellent reputation that we have worked hard to maintain over the years, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you so much to you all in advance, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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