Last weekend on a whim, our daughter Rachael (our in-house makeup artist) decided that she was going to put together a daily vlog for her YouTube channel. We had a busy day at the studio, so it was the perfect time to film what a typical day looks like for us. She got some great behind the scenes footage so we decided to put together a short video to give you a sneak preview of what happened over the weekend.

We welcomed a lovely family to the studio for a makeover portrait shoot, followed by a wonderful lady who visited us for headshots. Our last appointment of the day was to film our two beautiful long-haired chihuahuas, Lily and Alfie. As it was Lily’s birthday on Saturday, we couldn’t resist sitting her down with her gorgeous little Pupcake for a birthday sing song and photograph!



We hope you enjoy our little sneak peek!


Driving down the country lanes in the summer time, there’s nothing nicer than looking out into the distance and seeing a sea of beautiful red poppies fluttering in the gentle breeze. Poppies have long been one of my favourite flowers to photograph, patriotic and beautiful, delicate but yet so powerful too.

I love the vibrancy of these gorgeous flowers and the different variations too – some poppies can grow to be over four feet tall with flowers up to six inches across, so they really are such a majestic plant.

Photographing poppies in the summer sun in Cudworth | John Divers Photography

Photographing poppies in the summer sun in Cudworth | John Divers Photography

The poppies above were photographed last year in the golden hour in a field in Cudworth, South Yorkshire. I love how the light is gently illuminating the gorgeous details and couldn’t help stopping to take some photographs after I spotted them during my drive along the bypass.

It’s amazing how much beauty is around us if only we take the time to look.

© This post is copyright of John Divers 2017.


Welcome to our new landscape photography post all about shooting art images at Rabbit Ings – A 64 hectare country park located on the former colliery yard and spoil heap of the Monkton then Royston Drift Mine.

As photographers, when we first pick up a camera we hardly ever move straight into a chosen genre like wedding photography, family photography, fashion photography and so on. Most of us take pictures of any willing family member (pets included) or friends, then we progress onto objects like flowers in a garden, a small bush or some statute or ornament.

We angst at our results, but occasionally we get one or two in-focus images that we feel good about, and we then we well and truly have the bug.

We start to hone our skills, deciding to take our camera off the safe and easy full auto mode (sometimes referred to as “point and squirt mode”). And we start to be more creative in learning about apertures, shutter speeds and ISO values so we have a good idea before the shutter is pressed what our image will look like.

This is not to say that we nail it every time, because learning your camera craft is just part of this skill – composition plays a major part, and it is something that you will always keep learning. It is something that you will strive to improve on no matter what genre you shoot.

I am a professional photographer and I have been for many years, but I am also a hobbyist photographer. I still love to take photographs just for me and my own enjoyment rather than for a client that is commissioning me.

The images were taken on Friday when we had some wonderful sunshine and I was itching to get out of the studio and connect with nature. For the photographers out there who love to know these things (myself included) I’ve included the equipment and technical details too.

Image One

Canon 5D Mk3 with 16-35mm 2:8 lens
ISO 100 – 35mm – 1/200 sec f/11.
Tripod:  Feisol carbon fiber  with a gitzo ball head
Filter: Lee circular polariser

Landscape photography, Art image, Rabbit Ings, South Yorkshire

Shooting Art images at Rabbit Ings | ISO 100 – 35mm – 1/200 sec f/11 | John Divers Photography

For the people who  asked if they could see a close up section here is a 100% crop of the middle section. (now can you see the church 🙂 )

Landscape photography, Art image, Rabbit Ings, South Yorkshire

100% crop on centre section © Divers Photography

Image Two
Canon 5D Mk3 with 16-35mm 2:8 lens
Filter: Lee big stopper 10
ISO 100 – 16mm – 40 secs f/16.
3 images stitched in Photoshop

Landscape photography, Art image, Rabbit Ings, Barnsley, Yorkshire

Shooting Art images at Rabbit Ings| ISO 100 – 16mm – 40 secs f/16 | John Divers Photography

I hope you like the images, I love their vibrancy. Both images are looking back towards Felkirk, and for the eagle-eyed amongst you, you may just see the top of the church where Susan and I got married 33 years ago on the 23rd of this month!

Lets hope for more beautiful sunny days soon.

© This post is copyright of John Divers 2017.


Hi everybody, it’s Rachael here again on the blog today! I wanted to bring you a post all about Father’s Day seeing as it’s just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but I always put so much thought and effort into any gift that I buy, and Father’s Day is certainly no exception. I’ve spent weeks carefully deciding on what to buy my Dad for Father’s Day and pondering the options. As I got older I started to realise that material things didn’t matter too much, and it was the sentimental things and the memories that are actually so much more important in life. So now as time passes by, I’m starting to think more about the memories made along the years on those special occasions rather than the gifts that accompanied them.

Father’s Day family portrait shoots especially for Dad: Order your gift certificate today | John Divers Photography

I wanted to tell you all about our beautiful family portrait shoots that will bring our dads to the centre of attention this Father’s Day. I can’t tell you how beautiful it is to see family portraits of children with their dads – from babies enjoying special cuddles with their daddy, to excited toddlers playing catch with dad in the park, it’s absolutely heartwarming.

All too often our Dads manage to dodge the camera and seem to much prefer being behind the scenes. But in years to come when our memories become all the more precious, having special photographs of ourselves, our children or our grandchildren with their dads and grandparents become absolutely priceless.

Father’s Day family portrait shoots especially for Dad: Order your gift certificate today | John Divers Photography

Give your dad the ultimate gift this Father’s Day with a beautiful family portrait shoot for all of you to enjoy.

For more information on our Family Potrait shoots or to buy a gift certificate, please click here. Alternatively you can call Sue at the studio on 0122 671 8329.