A very beautiful lady

I had the pleasure of shooting a very beautiful lady yesterday, she had the most wonderful red hair with the tightest curls, and it really was a crowning glory.

This shoot for me had a strong connotation as this young lady is my daughter. When Rachael was a little girl she had the most wonderful tight curls, and gorgeous red hair. That all changed as she went through her teenage years, dying her hair ’til it was almost blonde, and many shades in between! However the worst time for me was when she got her first set of GHDs. Gone! Every. Last. Curl. Somehow it was modern to have straight hair, and it seems like dad just wasn’t modern or with it anymore. I can agree with one part of that statement, but certainly not the straight hair part.

You see, I have this vision in my mind of one day walking my little girl down the aisle, and in my mind she has the most gorgeous red curly hair. I thought that dream would only ever be just that – a dream. That was until yesterday. “The dream is alive.”

Thank you Rachael, you are beautiful with or without curly hair, but I am still a little biased.

Dad xXx



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